Internet marketing: 7 ways to improve conversion rates through your online store

Internet marketing: 7 ways to improve conversion rates through your online store

by Liz Orgill - 25th April 2013

Internet marketing by dv8media, PlymouthIn 2011, the number of people purchasing goods or services in the UK over the internet increased by 62% to 32 million people (66% of all adults)1. The market is expected to reach a value of £221bn by 2016. Getting it right now means a greater share of that market in the future.

Increase conversion to improve profits

Whether you are just setting up or you are a seasoned eCommerce professional, the importance of conversion rates is as significant online as it is in-store.  Below are a 7 ways to increase conversion rates on your eCommerce site.

1) Measure and monitor. Don’t lose sight of statistics.  Facts and figures for use of your site are instant, accurate and detailed and should be monitored frequently.

Essentials for any business should include sales, profit, conversion rate (number of visitors to number of purchasers), abandoned sales (during checkout process), average basket value, most popular products, most popular landing pages.  Note trends and dig deeper to find out why your site is or isn’t working/improving.

2) First impressions. Customers won’t wait. Slow upload and purchase processes lose visitors.  This is likely to be one of the first things they will notice!

Ensure customers know what your Company does that is different from the competition.  Make this clear on your home page and throughout the site.

Let your visitors see the human side of the business behind the technology.  One way to achieve this is by making your contact details (including telephone number) visible.

Make it easy for potential customers to find what they are looking for by allowing visitors to run searches of the site with a simple search tool.

3) Product display. Keep it simple!  Step back and think about how you would navigate your home page as a customer. Is there too much information?  Can you group your products into fewer categories?

Product photographs should be the best your budget can afford.  Use one, clear photograph in your ‘shop window’ with a simple description/price, followed by another page for more information and multiple products for those who want this detail.

Include shipping information as early in the process as you can to help avoid abandoned sales during checkout.

Include customer reviews for each product to provide reassurance.

4) Checkout tips. Display clear calls to action throughout the site.  The most important of these is your shopping cart.  Make this obvious and easy to find on every page of your site.  A recent A/B split test case study shows that there is a 20% improvement in sales with a one click checkout process 2. Taking this further, a single page checkout speeds your customer to purchase. Review your checkout process, identify and remove potential barriers to purchase.

5) Extra information and features. Answer the questions your customers want to know – provide easy to find, clear information and resources on products, delivery and returns.  Think about ways to make the purchase more valuable to your customer – e.g. if they might be buying from you as a gift, could you include gift wrap as an extra service?

6) Make it a smooth mobile experience. Recent research indicates that customers expect an even better mobile shopping experience than they do in store.  Review your website on your mobile and make sure it delivers! If it doesn’t, consider having a mobile eCommerce site produced specifically for your customer on the go (call a member of our team on 08456 123831 for our mobile eCommerce website packages).

7) And finally….a quick note on SEO. The above improvements will assist to improve your online conversion rate.  SEO increases visitor numbers.  SEO is an essential aspect of your sales and marketing strategy and we don’t have space to discuss it in nearly enough detail here! For sound advice on improving your SEO call us on 08456 123831.

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