dv8media and Tecalemit launch Michelin Air product website

dv8media and Tecalemit launch Michelin Air product website

by Adrian Saunders - 1st October 2012

Tecalemit logoAs international distributor for Michelin Air, Tecalemit (based at Langage in Plymouth) needed an e-commerce website to showcase the Michelin Air products.  Having worked together on a previous e-commerce site, Tecalemit chose dv8media for this project.

The website has been built using dv8media’s proven e-commerce system.  Its standard layout incorporates Michelin’s instantly recognisable ‘Michelin Man’.  Did you know that the ‘Michelin Man’ is one of the oldest trademarks in the world?  Naturally, he was an essential design element for the site!

Tecalemit is an official distributor in the UK for Michelin Air products and target customers for the site include garages, mechanics, welders and heavy-duty DIY-ers.  A simple, product focussed design was assumed, using the Michelin and Tecalemit brand elements as a means of providing the reassurance needed to buy from this site.

Michelin branding

There is a featured products section, which the Tecalemit team can change themselves. The website is also fully integrated with SagePay for customer security.

E-commerce sites should strive, where possible, to aim for a single-page checkout, and this is something which

has been done well on the Tecalemit site.

The team have always enjoyed working with this successful global company, and we have since been working with the di

stributor on a third website, which we expect to launch shortly.  Stay tuned!
Interesting fact…… The ‘Michelin Man’ is known by the name of ‘Bibendum’ in France.


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