Pay Per Click
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Pay per click paid searches are the process of purchasing clicks against specific key words that trigger your online ads to display. The great thing is, you only pay each time someone clicks on your ad and then, visits your website. This part of online marketing may seem like an absolute minefield, and it is, so we've designed a package that

includes the absolute essentials, and given a brief description of each below. One of the most popular paid search campaigns currently being used is Google Adwords.

So, how can dv8:media help manage my paid search campaign?

In our experience, managing multiple search engine accounts and adjusting bids on hundreds or thousands of search terms can be very time consuming. By signing up for our paid search package we can remove that hassle for you. We will spend time reducing your Cost Per Click and thus, increase the return on your investment. In addition to this, our detailed monthly report sheets provide you with a transparent way of working so you are free to look into things with as much, or as little, detail as you wish. Clients often report that the value they receive through our PPC management service means it typically pays for itself - result!

When embarking on a paid search marketing campaign on your behalf, we will provide to you:

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